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You’ve managed to recruit many fine people. Now let us work with you in retaining and developing these people to the mutual satisfaction and benefit of all.

Bohola Sales provides a one-stop shop for companies seeking a training and consultancy solution that meets their individual needs to help achieve specific company goals.

Bohola Sales works with all sizes of companies, throughout Ireland and the UK, in their ongoing development. The firm’s range of services embraces human resource, sales, management and specific job training, both at the organisational and individual level.

Bohola Sales works with clients in defining competencies and setting personnel and organisational development objectives. We help client organisations develop and implement strategic training programmes to meet their key objectives while at the same time taking into account clients’ own organisational structures and management styles.

Interested? Want to know more? Just e-mail or call us here at and we will be pleased to arrange for a senior executive  to visit with you to discuss your specific training requirements.

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