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What our Clients are Saying


Bohola Sales Training motivate the fundraising team when it is needed most

- M. Duffy (Director, Comic Relief)



Bohola sales has helped us to increase our profit margins on line and in our stores . The sales delivery is current and clever.

- S. Anglim (CFO, Laura Ashley)


"Bohola Sales  record is very impressive. We recognized why they have consistently achieved, and exceeded their goals when we met the team, saw how they work and how they motivated our staff.  Our sales increased, our profits increased but more noticeably our work force are happier, more enthusiastic and motivated"

- S. Flynn




"Thanks a lot for yesterday really enjoyed it – learnt a lot especially about the different techniques. It also has definitely given me a huge insight into the definition of sales , hope we can do it again :) We never had training before and it definitely gives  one confidence in what to say before you make that call.

- O. Smith



 "Just wanted to say thank you so much for the training yesterday, perfectly executed and it was a brilliant chance to refresh my skills with the yoda of sales!  Loved the section for open/close questions, definitely going to work on that for my future sales calls. Look forward to more...!"

     - Angel HR



 "I found the training really useful. I like the way we were free to talk about specific clients and find ways to get over objections. I found FAB helpful it was a refresher on unique selling points and how I can show the client benefits and advantage to using agency.The 5 reasons people buy things will be at the back of my head on a call/visit. Also “in an ideal world what would you like from your agency” is a line I will be trying! I enjoyed role play, I found the feedback helpful. I even made a call and got appointment this morning! So thanks again, I look forward to a follow up training course."

- N. Pennie

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