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Preparing for Interviews

Preparing for interviewsWe all know that recruitment is competitive, which is why you need to do everything in your power to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Our interview consultants have years of experience in different sectors of the markets.

We also have a communications coach who can work with you on specific issues such as voice projection, body language and confidence.

We cover all types of interview scenarios, including: standard interviews, competency based interviews, panel interviews, assessment days and interview presentations. We have designed a series of technical, industry specific and commercial awareness questions to help you prepare for every eventuality. All our sessions and packages will be personally tailored to you and your individual needs.

Interview Skills Coaching Course
Approach to interview skills coaching is easily our most popular interview training product. The overall aim is to help you demonstrate how you can exceed your potential employer’s expectations. It includes at least one session with our communications coach and a mock interview. By the end of the interview course you’ll be fully prepared and confident that whatever the interview question, you’ll know how to address it. We’ll hone your interview style and show how to make a greater impact by looking at any or all of the following:

A bespoke mock interview, including rehearsal and feedback
Targeted job interview preparation, including specific research that you can carry out before the big day
Predicting interview questions you may be asked
Preparing strategic interview answers to predictable, standard and complex behavioural and competency-based interview questions
How to structure your interview answers to tell and sell your story
Coping with different types of interviews, such as over the phone and assessment centres
Questions to ask at the end
Personal strategies to make you more eloquent
Voice coaching to ensure you’re understood and project well
Ways to improve your presentation

For information on the course Preparing for Interviews, or other courses, or to book a bespoke course, please contact us via email or call 01708 508369

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